Bob Anderson Tour
Tucson, Arizona

January 14, 2017

On January 14, members of the Tucson Corvair Association were invited to Bob’s home for a very informative presentation from our fellow TCA member, Bob.

CIDCO, which stands for Corvair Improvement Distributing Company is owned by Bob Anderson. At one time he developed Corvair transaxles with many improvements, not only for Corvairs but the kit car industry as well. Bob improved the longevity of the differentials thru many modifications,  re-manufacture and re-engineering, along with careful assembly. This included having reverse cut ring and pinion gears made for the Kelmark  transaxle setup which ran in reverse. His setup was in great demand from the mid engine Corv-8 people. One of the trademarks of the CIDCO diff is the shoulder bolted steel plate cover on top of the differential in place of the tin cover. At this time CIDCO  modified differentials are not available.

CIDCO got it's start with spark plug wire sets and they sold a ton of them. The luggage rack pictured below was CIDCO second product. Back in the early days luggage racks were quite popular. CIDCO only sold one! Also pictured below is what was called a three-line input shaft from a big Chevy Saginaw 4-speed. This one is modified to fit the Corvair gear box. Also pictured below is Bob's '87 Fiero GT powered by a 3.4 Camaro V-8 and make to look like a stock Fiero 2.8.



Photos: Van Pershing (click on any picture to enlarge)

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