6th Annual Corvair Anniversary Show - Thorobred Chevrolet
October 4, 2014 - Chandler, Arizona

The Cactus Corvair Club sponsored Corvair show at Thorobred Chevrolet in Chandler, Arizona in honor of the 54th anniversary of the introduction of the Chevrolet Corvair. There 17 vehicles in attendance, five of which were from the Tucson Corvair Association. Van Pershing took the Best of Show trophy as well 1st Place in the '65-'69 class with his daughter's '65 Turbo Corsa convertible. Bill Maynard's Lakewood scored the 3rd Place trophy in the '60-'64 Class. In attendance from the TCA were Van Pershing, Ron and Lynn Bloom, Bill Maynard, Frank and FJ Trejo, and Mike Lake.

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