TCA Christmas Party 2011
December 8, 2011

We gathered at the Taste of Texas Steakhouse for an enjoyable evening of celebrattion. In attenance were President Ken Bloom with his wife Lynn, Vice President Jim Mills with his wife Terry, Ken and Heidi Farr, Lynn Marrs, Allen and Marianne Elvick, Van and Vicki Pershing, Chris Cunningham with his guest Jessica Bird, Charlie and Sandy Evans, Bob Moulton, Barry Cunningham, Don and Sue Robinson, and our visitors from Portland, Oregon, Marty and Kate Boehme.

This year's Gordon Cauble Award was presented to Ken Farr. President Ron Bloom made additional awards of apreciation were present to vice president Jim Mills, treasurer Allen Elvick, board member Lynn Marrs and newsletter editor Van Pershing.

Photos by Ken Farr & Van Pershing


Ken Farr- Cauble Award

President Bloom awarding Jim Mills

Allen Elvick received an award

Lynn Marrs, proud award recipient

Van Pershing recieves an award also

Charlie & Sandy Evans

Chris Cunningham & Jessica Bird

Don & Sue Robinson

Jim & Terry Mills

Ken & Heidi Farr

Lynn Marrs

Ron & Lynn Bloom

Barry Cunningham

Marty & Kate Boehme