October 15, 2016
The Gregory School
Tucson, Arizona

Show Report from Ron

       I followed the Yugo Junkie, aka the Red Rocket, and, wow, is it a gasser. The EPA is going to shut him down soon. Thomas Trejo was Mike Lake's copilot in the Red Rocket and we arrived at The Gregory School for the car show around 8am. The Rotary Club people know how to put on a show It was very will organized and the people were very polite. They walked and guided us to our parking place. All the cars was parked straight with plenty of room between cars so you could open your doors with out causing damage to someone else. There was one tree in the middle of the field and Mike and I got to park under it, so we had a little shade though out the day. It was a good turn out around 400 cars. Lots of muscle cars that make noise and are as gassy as the red Yugo. All kinds of makes and models and colors...something for everyone. Mike and I received many nice comments on our Corvairs: the engine is in the back! There were who either had one or knew of someone that had one.

      The one car that stood out, well maybe two, to me was a '27 Packard, straight 8 producing 36 HP from the Franklin Museum that sold new for $7,200. there was also a '29  Cadillac 4-door. I am always amazed at the workmanship and the quality of how things were built and the beauty that radiates from these older cars. Jim Wheeler was there with his '56 Chevy and took home a plaque. Frank Pella was there without his '67 passing out flyers for the Chevy Showdown. The vendors gave us three choices of food: BBQ, Subway sandwiches or bratwurst. We choose the latter which for me was very tasty. Sometime after that Thomas took off and walked home hopefully he caught a ride. Bob Molten was there with a restored bus and walked around a metal rod that he said he uses to check the level of fuel in the bus gas tank. He also complained about the 50's music. Now you would think ,,, well that's Bob! The weather was nice a slight breeze and in the low 90's. The raffle for the Corvette must have been rigged as neither Mike or I did not win. The plaques were awarded very quickly and very will organized. When it came time to depart, oh my, lots of muscle cars  fired up with lots and lots of horsepower rumblin', but it was all very orderly. I beat Mike out of the show, must be he had trouble maybe getting his Junkie started.

Opposing view from Mike

The Red Rocket made it to the show under it's own power, even though it was forced once again to tow the Purple Rain. The owner of the Purple Rain was in tears as I started to leave for the show and he was stuck in his driveway, gas pedal on the floor board, and still standing still! To prove I have a heart, I circled back to tow him. The Red Rocket performed as if nothing was attached to the back of it. I found that quite odd, as every time I looked in the rear view mirror I saw tire smoke and the look of desperation on the owners face. It seems he flat-spotted all four of his tires out of fear of going over fifteen MPH, a place he has never been in one of his Corvairs before. The proof was in the pudding, when we arrived at the show, he climbed out of the Purple Rain without any shoes on. When I asked him where his shoes were, he simply pointed to a place under the dash. Lord behold, there they were, both stuck to the brake pedal! This just goes to show that the Red Rocket will put the fear of God in you, whether you ride in it or behind it.   Red Rocket to the rescue! Go Red Rocket! Go Red Rocket!

There will never be a truer recollection of the events leading up to the Gregory show.
Faithfully submitted by Mike Lake