Great Western Fan Belt Toss and Swap Meet

Palm Springs, California

October 26-28, 2018

On the last week of October several brave souls loaded up and headed out to Palm Springs for the 2018 edition of the Great Western Fan Belt Toss & Swap Meet.

        Mike Lake and Ron Bloom loaded up Ron’s pickup with as many Corvair parts as it would hold, put Mike’s turbo Corsa on a trailer behind and traveled as far as Bythe, California for the night and continuing on to Palms Springs the next morning. Frank Pella was the only one from Tucson who was brace enough to drive his Corvair to the event. His trip was not without incident but he made it to and from unscathed.

Doug Scott took a load of parts in his modern pickup truck and set up a booth at the swap meet next to Ron and Mike.

A great even this year . Mike took plenty of pictures for us to enjoy.

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