A Visit to Greg Davis' Corvair Shop
Sierra Vista, Arizona

March 24, 2018

Greg Davis’ love affair with Corvairs started decades ago. He happens to be an expert machinist and enjoys time away from his granite supply business doing fantastic thins with all things Corvair in his well equipped shop in to his home near Sierra Vista, Arizona.

On Saturday, March 24 a few members of TCA met at the Triple T Truck Stop for breakfast and then headed toward Sierra Vista in a caravan of three Corvairs. Mike Lake and Van Pershing lead the way in Mike’s Red Rocket followed by Frank Pella in his beautiful blue convertible and Ron Bloom brought up the tail in his evening orchid convertible for the 90-mile trip.

Greg has a nice shop equipped with all manor of Corvair-specific tooling. One of his jigs will hold a Corvair head  in the milling machine in the exact position needed to drill and tap welded-shut spark plug holes. It will also orient the head for other machining operations. Another jig that Greg fabricated secures holds individual cylinders for boring and honing. His cylinder boring machine was made for the US military manufactured in the early 1940s and is an excellent example of the precision machinery of that era and does a great job on Corvair jugs.

Many of Greg’s “customers” are guys with Corvair-powered dune buggies who abuse them them on a regular basis. Some of the broken parts are difficult, if not impossible, to find but he doesn’t mind at all—he can fix virtually anything.

After some homemade snacks courteous of Greg’s wife, the crew made it back to Tucson against 50 mile per hour wind and rain.

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