Madera Canyon Picnic

July 21, 2012

The Madera Canyon picnic was a great success in spite of the weather. In attendance were Ron and Lynn Bloom, Donald and Leah Green, Chad and Chelsea Ridder, Ken and Heidi Farr with great granddaughter, Lydia, and John and Amy Young.

Chad did the grilling and did pretty darn good job. All of the sudden it started to rain huge raindrops and then came the claps of thunder. We all scattered to our vehicles, except Chad. There in the rain and lightning and thunder, he stood guard over the grill and cooked our meal. We finally returned to the picnic area where Chad was still working diligently cooking. Thanks to Chad we had a nice meal of good steaks, chicken and hot dogs.

After some good conversation it began to cold. Yes, COLD! We decided it was time to go. It was almost 2 o’clock when we left for home. The rain had caused a couple of washes along the forest service road to flow. The vehicle made it through them just fine. When we got to the main road it was completely flooded. Ron was anxious to ford the raging torrent, but was convinced to wait it out. After about 20 minutes a Boarder Patrol car made a run for it, followed by a couple of other cars. That’s all it took to give Ron the courage to give it a try. With his white-knuckled passengers pray for their lives, the Greenbrier took the torrent like it had webbed feet.
It was a fun day even if it did rain on our picnic.


Photos by Lynn Bloom


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