Madera Canyon Picnic

September 28, 2013

On Saturday morning on September 28 a group of TCA members headed for Madera Canyon. The group settled into the picnic area that was used last year. Chad and Josh got the grills fired up, the women got the table set, and the feast began. Chad, with help from Josh, did an outstanding job on the New York strip steaks. We feasted upon the best dog gone potato salad in the universe, bake beans that would put Bush’s Baked Beans out of business, and a squash casserole that was incredible. For dessert there were homemade brownies that were so rich that Hersheys has closed, apple turnovers, cookies, and muffins. In no time we were all stuffed to the gills. Ron even counted sheep for awhile. We had plenty of food and drink for everyone. The weather was almost perfect, although we all wished for rain, to keep the tradition going.

In attendance were John and Amy Young, Ken and Heidi Farr with grandchildren in tow, Alan and Marianne Elvick, Ron and Lynn Bloom, Chad, Josh, Jim, and Earline and Mike Lake.


Photos by Ken Farr


Photos by Mike Lake