Breakfast at Ryan Field

August 17, 2013

Four Corvairs made the trek from Tucson to Ryan Field to meet several other Corvairs and their owners for breakfast at Todd's Restaurant. Those in attendance were Allen and Marianne Elvick, John and Amy Young, Ken and Heidi Farr with their two great grandkids, Ron and Lynn Bloom with friend Josh, Mike Lake, Van Pershing, Bob Moulton, Rudy Cole, Jim Mills, Bill Maynard, and Lynn Marrs. Also in attendance was a potential new member, Ed. Corvairs in attendance were Bill's Lakewood, Ken and Heidi's yellow convertible, Ron's Greenbrier, Van's Stinger, Jim's Rampside and three of John and Amy's beautities that usually live in their hanger at the air field.

On the way to breakfast those who met at El Rio Golf Course stopped by Mike's house to see the great progress he's made on his Turbo Corsa coupe. Ron's Greenbrier proceed to spread 5 quarts of 30 wt. all over everything in it's path!

After a great breakfast at Todd’s, John and Amy invited us to tour their hangers just a few hundred yards away. In one hanger they store their Technam P92 Echo DeLuxe and the other is used strictly for Corvair restoration and storage. John arranged for a tour of the air field's tower, so those who were willing and able to climb the several flights of stairs and walk over to the tower for a great tour.

John had all the Corvair parts that he no longer had use for and gave everyone the opportunity to pick the up for dynomyte prices and donated some of the proceeds to the club treasury.

A special thanks to John and Amy for allowing the group to tour their home away from home.


The following photos by Van Pershing