Chevy Showndown 2010

On April 24, 2010 the TCA as a mid-month activity participated in the annual Chevy Showdown at Reid Park sponsored by the Classic Chevy Club of Tucson. It was a great event and was the first time the TCA participated in force. There were about 150 cars including 7 Corvairs belonging to Allen Elvick, Ken & Heidi Farr, Ron Bloom, Bill Maynard, Ed Segerstrom, Van Pershing and soon-to-be-TCA member Charlie Evans.

Considering that the Corvairs were competing with all the other Chevrolets in their perspective classes, they did rather well in the judging: five of the seven cars received recognition. Ed Segerstrom and Allen Elvick received Certificates of Merit, Charlie Evans placed 2nd in his class with his V-8 powered '65 coupe, Van's Stinger placed 3rd in it's class and Ken and Heidi's '65 coupe also placed 3rd in it's class. Of all the Corvairs on display, Ron's Greenbrier probably received the most comments and attention. Somebody put Armor All all over the tires on Bill's Lakewood which probably knocked it completely out of consideration for any award whatsoever - a first for the Lakewood.

Next year the Showdown will add a separate Corvair class(s) so there won't be near as many awards won!!

Photos by Van Pershing

Photo by Jim Wheeler
Classic Chevy Club of Tucson

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