Chevy Showdown 2011


On April 16, 2011, the TCA as a mid-month activity participated in the annual Chevy Showdown which was held at Hi Corbett Field and sponsored by the Classic Chevy Club of Tucson. It was a great event and for the first time the Corvair had it's own classification. There were about 130 cars including 12 Corvairs belonging to Allen Elvick, Ken & Heidi Farr, Ron Bloom, Jim Mills, Ed Segerstrom, Van Pershing, Charlie & Sandy Evans, John & Amy Young, Bruce Levitch, Adam Kolaniak, Miner Fleming and Cosme Taasan. Several members of the Cactus Corvair Club from the Phoenix area joined us for the event. John Seaman, CCC president, along with Miner Fleming, Cosme Taasan, Bruce Levitch, Adam Kolaniak and others made the trip down from Phoenix.

This year John Young placed First in the Corvair class with his '65 140 Monza. Amy Young's '63 500 Coupe went home with Second Place. Cactus Club members Miner Flemming and Cosme Taasan placed Third with their bright red '63 Monza coupe. Awards of Merit were given to Jim Mills' Rampside and Ron Bloom's Greenbrier.

Several members of the TCA volunteered to assist the Classic Chevy Club with event parking. It was nice to be part of such a great show.

Jim's and Terry Mills hosted a barbeque at their home following at the show.

Photos by Van Pershing

Bruce Levitch - '66 Monza
Cactus Corvair Club

Miner Fleming/Cosme Taasan - '63 Monza
Cactus Corvair Club

Amy Young - '61 Coupe
2nd Place

Adam Kolaniak - '65 Monza
Cactus Corvair Club - 3rd Place

John Young - '65 Monza
1st Place

Van Pershing - Stinger replica

Ed Segerstrom - '64 Monza

Ken & Heide Farr - '64 Monza

Jim Mills - Rampside

Allen Elvick - '64 Monza
Charlie Evans - '65 V8

Rom Bloom - Greenbrier





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