Chevy Showdown 2013

On April 27, 2013, the TCA, as a mid-month activity, participated in the annual Chevy Showdown which was held at Home Depot on Oracle and Limberlost and sponsored by the Classic Chevy Club of Tucson. It was a great event and several TCA members helped with judging and parking. There were a over 100 cars including 8 Corvairs belonging to Ron Bloom, Van Pershing, Ken & Heidi Farr, Jim Mills (2), Charlie & Sandy Evans, John & Amy Young, and Frank Pella.

This year Frank Pella placed First in the Corvair Class with his '68 convertible, John Young placed 2nd with his new '66 turbo Corsa, and Van Pershing placed 3rd with his Stinger. Jim Mills and Charlie Evans received Certificates of Merit. This year, Ron Bloom competed in the Truck class with his Greenbrier and received a Certificate of Merit.

Jim's and Terry Mills hosted a barbeque at their home following at the show.

Photos by Van Pershing

Ken Farr, '64 Monza


Jim Mill, Rampside


Van Pershing, Stinger


Jim Mills, '63 Monza


John Young, '66 Corsa


Frank Pella, '68 Monza


Charlie Evans, '65 V8 Monza


Big V8, Small Car!


Ron Bloom, Greenbrier




After the Show: Supper at the Mills' photos by Dave Lynch    
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