Chevy Showdown 2015

On April 25, 2015, the TCA participated in the annual Chevy Showdown which was held at Home Depot on Oracle and Limberlost and sponsored by the Classic Chevy Club of Tucson. It was a great event and several TCA members helped with judging and parking. The weather was perfect with about 120 Chevys in attendance. There were 8 Corvairs: Mike Lake, Van Pershing, Frank Trejo (2), John & Amy Young, Frank Pella, Joe Kenney of Maricopa, Arizona, and Ernie Cottrill also of Maricopa.

Photos by Van Pershing

Ernie Cottrill, '65 Monza, 1st Place
Corvair class


Mike Lake, '65 turbo Corsa, 2nd Place
Corvair class


Van Pershing, Stinger, 3rd Place
Corvair class


John Young, '65 turbo Corsa, 1st Place
'65-'72 Chevy class



Frank Pella, '68 Monza, 2nd  Place
'65-'72 Chevy class


Joe Kinney, '66 Monza, 3rd Place
'65-'72 Chevy class


Frank Trejo, '62 Monza


Gloria Trejo, '69 Monza

The After Party  
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