Corvairs take a run to Tombstone
May 15, 2010

It was a sunny morning in May, the 15th to be exact, and the cars were gathered at the Triple T Truck Stop for a day in Tombstone, Arizona, the town too tough to die. It was a fun day for all with good food and activities. Ron and Lynn Bloom drove the Greenbrier, Jim Mills was there with his white coupe, Barry Cunningham showed up with the yellow chariot, Ed Segerstorm was there and Ken and Heidi Farr and their great grand daughter drove the Lincoln since Tweety was throwing fanbelts. Along the way Ron managed to burn with the main wiring harness in the Greenbrier (a jumper wire got them home), Barry blew a rear tire and left his ignition switch on so he would have a warning blinker and ended up burning out his electronic ignition, Ed ran low on transmission oil and just made it home and from all reports the Lincoln did just fine! Luckily Ken and Heide were able to tow him home. Jim had some sort of shifting issues and was going at speed anywhere from 65 to 30. Here are a few photos taken by Ken and Heide and Ed for your viewing pleasure.