Tucson Classic Car Show 2021

The Tucson Classic Car Show was attened by TCA members  Frank Pella, Pat Croan,Tim Lindhorn, Doug Scott and Mike Lake. They met for breakfast prior to attending the show. Our purpose was to enter the show together and park as a group. The show organizers had other plans. We ended up being in different rows and there was nothing we could do about it. Several of us were not aware of the air-cooled class and that became the issue. Next year we will enter the air cooled class so we can be together. The club flag was proudly displayed and it caused confusion amongst the spectators who took the time to cast votes.  Jerry and Jerri Dittman of the Tucson Chevy Club parked their red Chevelle next to Mike's Red Rocket and the Club flag. People casting votes thought the Chevelle was a Corvair and they got most of Mike's votes. lol.  The Dittman's placed third in class. Congratulations to former member, John Young who was in attendance with his beautiful 66 turbo convertible for his third place in the Air Cooled class! All in all it was a good day, there was a great turnout of cars from the club and members who's cars are still under construction, Thank you, we had a presence!

Photos by Mike Lake


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