Tucson Welcomes Veterans Home
March 2012

On March 31, 2012 a parade was held in downtown Tucson to welcome home the veterans of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. The Tucson Corvair Association supported the affair with a donation and a caravan of Corvairs. The TCA members that participated were Ken and Heidi Farr with their '64 yellow convertible, Ron Bloom with his Greenbrier, Van Pershing and the Stinger, John and Amy Young with their '66 Monza, Jim Mills driving Dave Lynch's Monza, Fred Nuñez with his Rampside and Charlie and Sandy Evans with the monster V-8 Monza. It was a bad day for a couple of the cars. The Evans' V-8 had a fuel problem just before we got to the staging area and had to call it a day. Fred's Rampside also had a fuel problem in the staging area and was force to abort the mission. Fred ended up riding in Dave's car with Jim Mills.

Photos by Van Pershing

Dave Lynchs' Monza

Ron Bloom standing next to Fred Nuñez' Rampside

Some of the group waiting at the Circle K to go to the staging area.

Ron Bloom's Greenbrier

Lydia, the Farr's great-granddaughter, ready for her ride in the parade.

Tweety stands ready for action!

The Evans' V-8 Monza

The Young's '66 Monza

Lydia and Emilio in the staging area ready to go.

All 6 cars in the staging area

Fred's Rampy with a fuel starvation problem and all the king's horses and all the king's men

20 by 36-foot American flag - impressive!

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