We are saddened to relate that Herb Berkman was tragically killed in an aircraft crash of his RV 6A home built airplane.  He was on final approach to runway 34 at Greeley Colorado on the morning of June 25, 2007 when the aircraft hit some power lines.  The news reports indicated that there might have been some unusual engine noises before the impact. The aircraft nosed over and hit the ground with an ensuing fire.  Both occupants perished in the crash. Terry Langen from Tucson was Herb's passenger.  They both had spent the weekend at the Rocky Mountain Fly-In held at the Front Range airport south of Denver International Airport.  They both have been doing the announcing duties together for a few years at the fly-in there.

Herb will be missed by all of us in the Tucson Corvair Association. We wish his family the best in this most difficult time.

Godspeed, Herb.