Mike Lake's '65 Turbo Corsa Coupe
Mike is currently serving as the President of the Tucson Corvair Association. He's put together this 1965 Turbo Corsa. The project is pretty much finished and has been particlipating in all kind of Corvair activities and shows.

New Beginnings: May 2012

She doesn't look like much now, but it's going to be a real beauty in the near future. Stay Tuned!!


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The project starts.......

April 2015: Is a project ever done? Maybe not but the Red Rocket took a 2nd Place trophy at the 2015 Chevy Showdown!
Jan 2014: Getting closer!
Jan 2014: A new floor for the trunk
Finishing touches to the Disc Brakes.

June 2013
New wheels and tires....
A nice set of 16" Torque Thruster IIs really bring the car to life. 7" wide with 205/50s in ther front and 8" with 245/50s in the back give the car a don't-mess-with-me stance!



May 2013
Color sanding and buffing. FUN!!

April 2013
Paint job is coming along nicely....
Click on each little picture to see a larger view.
Early January 2013: Car in "booth" ready for primer.
Basic body primed and ready for paint....

.Mike did a nice rebuild job on his stock alternator for about $42 and an afternoon-worth of effort. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge.
Disc brake installation
Getting ready for paint. May 2012
September 2012 - Getting serious!
Tail light assemblies ready to go.
Bodywork continues.
The big C: Cancer
Ready for welding.
Nothing like a shiny gas tank.
A little work left to do on the doors.

Late January 2013

The door alignment became a major issue. With he front edge of a door aligned, the rear edge would not be aligned. So the battle begins. With some heavy duty tweeking that problem gets solved, but now the lower edge of the door doesn't line up with the rocker panel....


A magnet was used to bring the door even with the body creating a reference point.
With a little presuasion front some steel bars and clamps, the lower edge now aligned with the rocker panel.
Driver's side fixed!
The passenger's side was'nt much better.
Amazing what can be done with a big hammer, duct tape and WD40!!

Stay tuned for more.....