Ted Osborne's '64 Monza Hardtop

Ted Osborne has put together this very unique ‘64 Monza.

The car is special in many ways. To give the car a casual glance wouldn't reveal much except maybe all of the badging has been removed and, with its beautiful metallic red paint, looks extremely sleek and clean. But upon closer observation one notices that there are no door frames around the side windows and there is no post between the front and rear quarter windows. It’s a true hardtop!

But wait! That’s not all. Beauty is more than skin deep on this wonderful little car. Underneath, the ‘64 rear suspension is completely gone having been replaced with a late model set up. Cruise control has also been added to help make those long trips more enjoyable. Ted says he just set the cruise on 65mph and lets everyone pass while they sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Ted and Sheryl near Tombstone, Arizona
Click on the picture to get a closer view of the Corvette parking lights. Bumpers have been smoothed out with no bolts to be seen.
A peak inside reveals electric windows have been added.
At the San Xavier del Bac Mission near Tucson, Arizona
Here's Sheryl testing the off-road capabilities of this sweet little car as she fords a wash near Rio Rico, Arizona
The swing axles have given way to a late model Corvair suspension. Note the nice treatment given to the exhaust pipe outlets.
Some details of the rear suspension can be seen.
Here's a great picture of the Monza at the Bob's Big Boy in Downey, California