Project: Frank Trejo's 1962 Corvair Corvino

 Frank brought home this modified Corvair station wagon and has plan for a complete restoration.
The Purchase June 2015
The Past
Here's El Corvino in 2014.      
The Beginning
The Engine        
Body Work        
First attempt of bring the front sheet metal into shape.      

Too far gone. Between the front end damage and the rust, there has to be some major work done. (5/31/16)

In prepping the front of the car with new sheet metal, accommodations for air conditioning needed to be made. Louvers from an early model deck lid are used to create air inlet to the truck area where a power condenser will be used with the air exiting the truck through the floor. (Sep 2016)
By January 17 the new front clip meets te Corvino:        
On April 15, 2017 the Corvino was blasted with a dustless process.