Project: Mike Lake's 1966 Corvair Monza Coupe

 Mike gave up on his station wagon project and now has great plans for this great '66 Monza.
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The Purchase   April 2016
The Engine        

Pulled the pan on the 140 and found this.
 Some people just don't get it!
Silicone is for body parts and does not belong in an engine.
 High Tack gasket sealer is the way to go.
Four primary carbs for the 140 motor, boring the venturies to 1-3/16", turning the tops to 2-1/4" and installing vent tubes. The linkage will also be locked so that all four carbs open at the same time. This motor should handle this with the OTTO 40 cam and headers. It should be a screamer!        
Body Work (updated 09/13/22. Oldest items first. Scroll to bottom for latest updates.)      
Mike has welded the bumpber
 to the body sheet metal (after de-chroming)

A Stinger type spoiler is welded to the exiting deck lid

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