The Forton Track T

These pictures turned up quite by accident and there wasn't much information about the car. It took the builder 32 years and it's sure pretty to look at!

Comments from Clark Hartzel on Virtual Vairs:

I took the liberty of stealing a few pictures off the web site and putting them in the AIRCOOLER, newsletter of the Detroit Area Corvair Club. Today, armed with a copy of the newsletter, I went to Dick Forton's shop and saw the car.  He actually remembered me, so that was nice.  He said the ring and pinion gear in the diff is reversed, ala CIDCO gears, but he claims he got the gears out of GM somehow.  One of two sets that were made.  Since it was probably illegal, I didn't pursue it any farther! You guys should see this car!  Every fastener on the car is stainless steel. Every shiny part on the car including the front axle is stainless steel. The long swoopy nose is fiberglass.  He made a wood nose first and sanded it into the final shape.  Then sprayed fiberglass over the wood "buck" to make a female mold.  Then shot fiberglass into the mold to make the nose. The frame is square steel tubing.  The engine is centered in the chassis and one axle tube is cut shorter.  The lower strut rods are stainless steel. The trailing arms are a stainless steel wishbone with homemade bearing housings.  The exhaust system is stainless steel and he made his own stainless mufflers!

Yes, I heard it run!  It runs like any hopped up Corvair with triple Webers and load mufflers! I'm not sure but I might have wet myself after he started it! He just got it street legal this summer and has put 200 miles on it going to cruise nights. He even has a top for it but I didn't see it. I told him about our CORSA convention in July and when I mentioned we would
like to see it show up at the GM Tech Center on concours day he really sounded interested.  Hell, I will pay for his CORSA and DACC membership just to have him bring it there.  Stay tuned. 11/2/06