Tucson Corvair Association Library

The Club has a library containing some Corvair literature, videos and tools.

Please note: The library is presently undergoing a major reorganization and the accuracy of the items listed below will be updated in the near furture.




1960 Corvair Shop Manual
1961 Corvair Shop Manual
1962-63 Corvair Shop Manual
1964 Corvair Shop Manual
1965 Corvair Shop Manual
1966 Corvair Shop Manual Supplement
1967 Corvair Shop Manual Supplement
1968 Corvair Shop Manual Supplement
1969 Corvair Shop Manual Supplement
1965-69 Corvair Service Manual
The Auto Body Repair Book
How to Keep Your Corvair Alive
Corvair Reference Guide
Servicing the Corvair Powerglide Transmissions
Corvair Decade
Corvair Affair
How to Hot-rod Corvair Engines
Chilton's Repair and Tune-up Guide for the Corvair
Unsafe at Any Speed, Ralph Nadar
Stories from a Twentieth-Century Life, Sears
Corvair History and Restoration
Corvair Tech Guide, 1996
Unsafe at Any Speed by Ralph Nader




Engine Tune-up
Corvair Movies by GM
This Old "Vair"
National Convention, 1990, Ontario, CA
Pot Luck Party, 1991, Bakers


Corvair Tow Bar with Lights
Steering Bolt Bushing Replacernent Tool
Blower Bearing Greaser
Idler Arm Replacement Tool


Items checked out should be returned no later than the second meeting after check out. Items are subject to recall early if requested by another member. If checking out or returning iterns at a meeting, prior arrangements must be made with the librarian. Use of the library is for current members only.