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Roger Parent's Carburetor Linkages PLUS Our carb linkages are getting old - most over 50 years and more. Linkage sets are available for all models and engines. Other great products are available including clutch cables, pulleys, throttle pivots, and more!
Forward Control Throttle Cable Fix Here's a tip that might fix a sticky throttle cable on your FC.
  LEDs for the Instrument Panel If you'd like the lighting on your gauges to nice and readable after dark, try some LED replacement lights.
  Oil Cooler Side Shields  Easy to make side shields for the plate-type oil coolers to gain more air flow for better cooling.
  Greenbrier side door handle removal Remove the outside side door handle for paint prep or maintenance.
  Door/Window Handle Spline Repair Here's one way to repair the splines on a window or door inside handle shaft.
  PCV Mods for Individual Air Cleaners When you decide to get your engine breathing its best, you usually install a set of the K&N-style individual air cleaners. BUT, what do you do with the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) system?? Here's a modification that inexpensive and looks nice.
Be Careful which Oil Filter you use! There are two different types of oil filters presently being sold for Corvair use. Beware!
  Odometer Number Repair Fix those flaky odometer numbers.
  A Unique Exhaust System Here's a little bit different approach to an exhaust system with headers.
  Headers AND a Heater! Having a heater with headers installed on your Corvair has always been a problem. Here's one way to have your cake and eat it too!
  Three-Point Seatbelt installation Here's a how-to article for installing three-point retractable seat belts on a late-model coupe.
  Late Model Rear Motor Mount Late model rear motor mounts fail every 10 years or so. NOS or rebuilds are expensive. Here's a less expensive alternative.
  Corvair Tire Pressures Ever wonder why there needs to be such a big differential in tire pressure between the front and rear on the Corvair? Here's a good answer.
  What Makes Cars Handle?   Part I      Part II Chaparral Builder Jim Hall proves rear-engined cars handle best. A very technical article but easy to understand.
Corvairs at NASCAR In 1960 there was a NASCAR event for the then-new compact cars. Not much "tech" but interesting. Have a look into the past...
  2-Speed Washer/Wiper Basics Wiring diagrams for these systems are hard to come by. This article also shows how to wire an after-market electric fluid pump.
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