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Farmers Insurance Commericial

Watch Mark Wright make a nice autocross run in his '68.....

Ted Osborne's '64 Hardtop Monza

Here's an Audi concept car sketch that looks like is was inspired by an early model Corvair

Old Cars Advertisements

Early Fuel Injection System from the desk of Rosie Rosenberger

Chevy Venture TV ad with a Greenbrier as the star

The Tragedy of Dave Lynch's '62 Monza

You ever hear of a Piranha CRV?

40th Yenko Reunion Pictures

Here is a car that was for sale on eBay in Jan '07. The paint is a little rough but it has some nice and very unusual body work. Although the car is not a V8 conversion, this might be a nice alternative to chopping up the front of the car to accommodate the radiator.

  Popular Hot Rodding feature a couple of nice Corvairs 

The Forton Track T - Nice Corvair Street Rod


2006 Convention Pictures